Commission List

I’m always open to commissions, but sometimes because of  majority of the projects I’m working on, I may not be able to take commissions.

To request a commission please send an email at, don’t forget to specify the character(s) you want.


Commissions: OPEN (2 Spots)


List of Commissions:

  • Red Hood (Full Body One Character) 
  • Winter Soldier (Full Body One Character) 
  • Savage Dragon (Full Body One Character) 
  • Invincible (Upper Body/Torso) 
  • Open


Price List:

All commissions are inked! Depending on my free time, I may add some gray tones, but no promises.

  • Head Sketch – $10 (5,5×8,5 Bristol Paper) (+ $5 for colors) + $6 for shipment.
  • Upper Body/Torso – $25 (11×17 Bristol Paper) + $6 for shipment.
  • Full Body One Character – $35 (+ $25 for each additional character) (11×17 Bristol Paper) + $6 for shipment.
  • Full Body One Character and Background – $60 (+ $25 for each additional character) (11×17 Bristol Paper) + $6 for shipment.


Payment Method:

Since Paypal halt their operations in Turkey I won’t be able to use it, so we are back to payment directly into bank account or via any method possible (Western Union, Skrill ext.), it’s up to you.


Sample Commissions:

Full Body One Character and Background
Emile Halo Commission
Full Body Character
Upper Body/Torso
Head Sketch
Head Sketch
Head Sketch Colored