About Me

cemiroz2I was born in Turkey/Eskisehir and after living a great childhood I went and graduated from Fine Art High School in 2008. When I was in high-school, I have worked with a local magazine as an artist and also won a prize as a caricaturist. After high school I have worked on two local projects named Justice for All (Herkes İçin Adalet) and Let the Hunt Began (Av Başlasın). At 2010, I started to work internationally with the project Search & Destroy (Cryptophobia Digital Anthology from Viper Comics). After that my own webcomic Crossing Red Line and Finger the Gladiator came to life. Since then, I am working as a comic book artist. Recently I did colors for The Kitchen Witch Back-up Story and also did a pin-up for the tradepaperback edition. Currently, studying at Anadolu University, Fine Arts Faculty, Animation Department.